Greerton's new library will be called Greerton Library, despite a determined bid by the Greerton Village Community Association to introduce the word "village" into the name.

Tauranga City Council yesterday voted 8-3 to retain the original name once the replacement $3.65 million library opened in mid-July.

Association vice-chairman Ian Settle highlighted the 20 years of effort that had gone into branding the shopping centre as a village. "A lot of people feel comfortable with the term village - there is a feel-good factor."

So much had been invested in the brand that it was too good an opportunity to overlook, he said.


Councillor Rick Curach opted for "Greerton Library" because it rolled off the tongue a lot easier and Councillor John Robson said Greerton was a suburb and he did not see "village" as being more than a marketing term.

However, Councillor Matt Cowley argued that the word village was more than a brand, as it appears in the council's City Plan and was deeper than a brand. He was joined by councillors Steve Morris and Catherine Stewart in seeking a name change. Backing the status quo were mayor Stewart Crosby and councillors Kelvin Clout, Leanne Brown, Bev Edlin, Bill Grainger and Gail McIntosh.