Bay of Plenty residents are either skipping breakfast or choosing breakfast options including cold pizza according to a new survey.

The Sanitarium Better Brekkie study investigated the attitudes and habits of Kiwis and found that when it came to breakfast, despite 93 per cent of us saying it's an important meal many either skip it or choose something unhealthy.

When it came to those living in the Bay area a quarter of those surveyed said they skip breakfast between two to seven days per week, with a further 37 per cent opting for just a hot drink for many of their breakfasts.

Of those who did eat breakfast almost a fifth said they ate the same breakfast daily, with 18 per cent fessing up that their worst breakfast choice had been cold pizza.


The news was not all bad for Bay residents with more than four in ten (44 per cent) saying they still sat down as a family to have breakfast.

Sanitarium nutritionist Susan Buxton said it was disappointing to see how many of us are still not eating a nutritious breakfast.

"Most fast food breakfasts are not ideal as they are generally energy dense and nutrient poor meaning that they are high kilojoules and usually also high in fat and sugar and low in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals."

While many fast food outlets were trying to provide better options, those going to eat at these outlets may not choose the healthier choice, she said.