New mum Jade Sleeman enjoyed her stay at Bethlehem Birthing Centre 15 months ago, so she decided to return for the birth of her third child.

She is now the first woman to give birth twice at the centre.

"I thought it would be a really nice place to birth naturally," she said.

Ms Sleeman gave birth to her second son Max Wilson, just 15 months ago at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre, after it opened in October 2014. She returned on Saturday, giving birth to a 3.5 kilogram boy, at 8.16pm.


"(It is) just a much nicer environment."

Graphic designer Ms Sleeman gave birth to her first son Jai Wilson five years ago in hospital, but decided she wanted to give birth in the Birthing Centre with son Max.

Facility co-ordinator and lactation consultant Shauna Walters said the birth was a special moment as the midwife had also delivered the first baby born at the Bethlehem Birthing Centre.

"It's so cool, and really exciting," she said.

Founder and director Chloe Wright said it was a special milestone to have the first mum to give birth twice at the centre.

"Tauranga women have really embraced the birthing centre since we opened for births in November 2014."

The Birthing Centre caters for women having non-complicated births without intervention.

Statistics until the end of February show the Bethlehem Birthing Centre has birthed 345 babies since its opening in late 2014, and has given 668 other women postnatal care.

Baby Wilson, who was donned in a tiny sailor stretch and grow , is yet to be named.

"It's a pretty important decision," Ms Sleeman said.