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A Bay of Plenty author has pledged all proceeds from his new book to the building of a wheel-chair-friendly house for Tauranga woman Amanda Lowry. After breaking her neck in a freak surfing accident at Mount Maunganui beach three years ago, Ms Lowry and her young family have had to adjust to her new life as a tetraplegic, including needing a new wheel-chair friendly home. She and author Barry Rosenberg have been friends for 25 years and when he told her the sales of his new book, The Amazing Adventures of Spook&Ghost, would go towards the new house, she was "so moved". Read more: New start after freak surfing accident "He's been with us all the way in this crazy journey, he really has our backs. "Barry's contribution is helping us write a new story in our lives. "The book is fab ... I got quite teary reading the excerpt at the beginning which says 'to my wonderful, beautiful, courageous GALZ.'" GALZ is an acronym for Gemma, Ms Lowry's partner, Amanda, Lola, their six-year-old daughter and Ziggy, their three-year-old daughter. Ground has already been broken on the new house, which will be a "game-changer" for the young family, who have been renting for the past three years. "It's the three-year anniversary of my accident coming up this month so it's been a long-haul getting to this point," Ms Lowry said. The house will be kitted out with every wheel-chair functionality possible. It is the kitchen, Ms Lowry is most looking forward to, which will have an adjustable benchtop and induction hobs so she will not burn her hands, which have no sensation. "I want to cook again. I want to grow beautiful veges in my garden and cook for my whanau and friends again. That was always my role, I love through my cooking," she said. Plans for hand surgery in August will see her closer to that dream. At the moment her hands have limited movement but the surgery will allow her to grip and pince objects.

Barry's contribution is helping us write a new story in our lives.
Amanda Lowry
She and Gemma had been living in a renovated bungalow before the accident but sold it because the cost of making it wheel-chair friendly was too much. She said they had done the best they could saving up for the house but when Mr Rosenberg offered his book sales it was "incredible and gratefully received." It has been a busy three years for Ms Lowry, who has taken up wheelchair rugby - her "epic love" - and swimming using only a double armed backstroke without any kicking. She recently completed the 1.6km Bridge to Bridge swim and is competing in a bicycle race in Whakatane next month. Mr Rosenberg said she had always been a remarkable person in the 25 years he had known her and her accident had only made her more so. Mr Rosenberg said they were winning their battle in life. The book is Mr Rosenberg's fourth written in New Zealand and was the most fun he has had writing a novel. Signed copies are available at the Salveo Therapy clinic, 131 16th Ave in Tauranga for $30. "As many thousands of dollars will be required to finish construction, purchasers are certainly welcome to give more if they wish," Mr Rosenberg said. The Amazing Adventures of Spook&Ghost is a thriller, following a pair of Vietnam war vets who discover they have superpowers which they put to use after the war.