The most popular story on the NZ Herald website on Tuesday night was "The $400,000 smalltown job that no one wants".

Although going by the huge response on social media, it seems there are plenty of people who want the job.

Or rather they want the salary. The problem is they are not qualified doctors.

The qualified doctors, it seems, do not want this incredibly well-paid job because it's based in Tokoroa. Gasp. Imagine.


For those that missed it, a Tokoroa doctor is struggling to fill a job that offers a young GP the potential to earn an eye-watering $400,000-plus a year.

He believes that's due to the perception of a rural general practitioner being a dead-end job.

Judging by some of the comments on the Herald's Facebook page, there are plenty of negative stereotypes about Tokoroa that I imagine residents would take issue with.

Moving from a city like Auckland or Wellington to Tokoroa would undoubtedly be a big adjustment.

And presumably young doctors, after years of training and hard slog, don't see a GP practice in Tokoroa (or any small town) as a great career step.

While that's a shame, it's understandable they want to be where the action is career-wise.

But it does seem unbelievable no one is willing to even take a punt on Tokoroa. For that salary and the lower cost of living, they could live like a king or queen.

Tokoroa has its selling points, as many current and former residents have been quick to point out, including the fact it's just a 45-minute drive to Rotorua, where there is plenty for a newly cashed-up doctor to splash out on.


For Tokoroa's sake, let's hope a few more are willing to give it a chance.