New city amenities, a civic centre, development of the downtown university campus, a revitalised downtown and improved roading are among the items at the top of Western Bay residents' wish lists for 2016. With the New Year upon us, reporter Sonya Bateson asked people what they would like to see happen in the region in the next 12 months.

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges

"I think 2015 will be hard to beat in many ways. It's been one of our best years for the local economy. But I'm confident the Bay's economy is going to be even stronger this year, particularly in our construction and property sectors. I think there will be some bright lights in other areas too. I'm really looking forward to getting cracking on the Bayfair and Baywave flyover and the $15m Western Bay cycleways project to get more people on their bikes. Natalie [wife] and I also have got a big July ahead of us, as Natalie's only sister Emily gets married in the UK. It's going to be a big year."

Tauranga Mayor Stuart Crosby

"I am confident that 2016 will be strong year for our city's growth and development. By providing for today and planning for tomorrow, 2016 will see the opening of the new Greerton library, the High Performance Centre at Blake Park, and further development planning for a major sports facility in Bethlehem and the waterfront's access to the water project. Combined with keeping city services running effectively and efficiently, progress regarding future development of the Civic Campus will be a major issue for the elected members."


Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller

"From a work perspective, I'm continuing to work with Simon Bridges and the NZ Transport Agency around improving roads, particularly State Highway 2 around Omokoroa. On a personal note, I'm going to try and do another Tauranga Half Marathon in April, and I'd like to watch my kids play netball and soccer."

New Zealand First MP Clayton Mitchell

"I hope we have a year full of good weather. Hopefully we continue to have positive growth as opportunities come in, creating good jobs. I'm looking forward to the start of the building of the new university campus in Durham St. Also, to balance out the growth in the city and make sure it continues to be a fun city to enjoy spending time in with friends and family. For myself, personally, continuing to learn my role. We're nearly halfway through our term and I feel like I'm starting to get my head around the complexity of it all."

Western Bay of Plenty Police Area Commander Inspector Clifford Paxton

"I believe we live in a very special part of New Zealand, with spectacular scenery, lots of opportunities, and a caring and compassionate community. My hope is that the experiences of many are extended to all. People can feel safe in their homes, safe in the streets and safe on our roads; to enable all to get to their destinations and home again safely. A safe and successful 2016 for all would be a great thing to see."

Western Bay of Plenty Mayor Ross Paterson

"The two things I see for our rural based economy are the recovery of the world dairy price and how that will benefit our local dairy farmers, and I would also like to see that we're facilitating the expansion of pack houses and cool stores and skilled workers for the kiwifruit industry to allow them to handle the increasing crop coming next year. On the social side, I see we need to address and see how we can help with the problem of family violence in our community. The other is to continue to develop the youth work skills and help our youth in the transition from college to jobs in the workforce. The next is to develop the affordable housing needed in both the east and west of the district."

Civic Amenities Group chairman Paul Adams

" A new Civic Centre, museum, arts and cultural centre and other amenities ... to match the soon to commence CBD university campus. Combine Western Bay and Tauranga City Council... to stop the conflicting rules and save costs in administering the total Western Bay. All Tauranga City residents need to dig deeper into their pockets to help support those who need a helping hand and reduce the deprivation and poverty in the Western Bay. With the growth in our Western Bay economy, there is no need to have so many families and children homeless and lacking the basic standard of living we would expect in our region. Let's support those agencies that look to help such families on a daily basis."

Priority One chief executive Andrew Coker

"Firstly, I'd like to see the university campus planning progressed with some urgency. I'd also like to see council make some decisions around their civic campus as soon as possible. And I'd like to see more businesses moving into the Western Bay and starting up. We've got quite a pipeline of businesses interested in looking at the Western Bay and, at the same time, there's quite an innovation ecosystem establishing itself. We're starting to see start-up businesses choosing Tauranga as their base to start up."

Katie Watson

, 17, Otumoetai

"I want to see more family friendly things for people to do in Tauranga. There's stuff to do in summer, but not so much in winter."

Jo Oxenham

, 40s, Judea

"I would like to see more concerts and events. And more older family events, not just for the littlies but for the teens."

Alyssa Oxenham

, 14, Judea

"I think we need more parks for bigger kids. And personally, I would like to get good results at school next year."

Karen Kemp

, 50, Papamoa

"Moving forward and having a challenge. I would like to see the inner city streets growing again. Part of it has died and it's lost that buzz."

Reuben Hansen

, 33, Matua

"I've started a new job after moving here from Tokoroa. Things are looking really good this year. I reckon everything is here in Tauranga. This is just like heaven to me - I can't fault it."

Rebekah Tamati

, 27, Otumoetai

"I would like to see more people around town, it's usually quite dead. The people are in Tauranga, we need to bring them into the CBD."

Rob Golsby

, 38, Matua

"I would like to see a happy, healthy family. I would also like to see more people embracing the CBD."

Eva Golsby

, 6, Matua

"I want to go to Fiji and see the animals there."