Three Tauranga children will be motoring around, tackling life at new speeds, since receiving shiny new wheels this morning.

Local BMW dealer, Coombes Johnston, has teamed up with charity Go baby Go, to give customised mini-BMWs to children with disabilities.

Four-year-old Kaleb Carter was the first to receive his new wheels this morning and was quick to take the controls.

His mum, Ms Carter, said the car would mean Kaleb, who has cerebral palsy, was able to keep up with his older brothers now.


"He can get out with the kids. He's got his own little way of moving about that's just something more fun," she said.

"They're getting strapped into things all the time, you know his high chair and wheelchair, and this is just something that he can enjoy."

The vehicles are customised to each child, stimulating motor skills in the areas need by each driver.

Ms Carter said Kaleb had a bike but struggles to use it, so the car meant new independence for him.

"He's got a little bike but it's just really hard. He's got to the stage where he's very tight in his legs, it's very hard for him to use," she said.

"So it's just so nice that there's something that they can adjust and make fit for where he's at," she says.

Coombes Johnston BMW's local technicians will service and adjust any vehicles they have supplied.

Go Baby Go is new to the Bay of Plenty and is looking for local volunteers.

You can find out more about Go Baby Go at their website here.