An iwi group will be throwing everything it can against an application to leave the Rena shipwreck in situ, with some debris removed.

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council yesterday announced it had accepted a resource consent application from Rena's owners and insurers, under the name Astrolabe Community Trust, to leave the remains of the Rena and its associated debris field on Astrolabe (Otaiti) Reef.

Buddy Mikaere, who speaks on behalf of Motiti Island hapu Ngai te Hapu, said he would be logging a submission against the consent application.

"We will be opposing that application with everything we can, which isn't much, but we will give it a shot. We're looking forward to that."


Mr Mikaere said other avenues of preventing the wreck being left on the reef were being investigated, including a Waitangi Tribunal hearing to be held in Tauranga on July 1 and 2.

It would be difficult pursuing a case through the Environment Court as it was not easily accessible for those fighting against the application, Mr Mikaere said.

"Committee hearings are normally held at the regional council, there's no cross examination or anything. Once you get into the Environment Court, you're up against the big boys and aren't as lawyered up.

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