A Papamoa photographer who began taking snaps about only three years ago has been named one of New Zealand's top 10 Instagrammers.

Chris Taylor's love for the beach and Mauao are evident in his Instagram, a popular photo-sharing smartphone application, portfolio. It is these shots of the Bay's beauty that helped rank @ChrisTaylorPhotos number 7 on the list.

The bio given to him by travel blogger and top instagrammer Liz Carlson, who created the list, said Mr Taylor was a talented photographer and Instagrammer showing off "the simple beauty of everyday life on the North Island".

Mr Taylor was uneasy about being placed on the list.


"That's terrible. I wouldn't stick myself on there. I see an awful lot of fantastic stuff on Instagram and photography in general, which would be far better placed," he said.

Mr Taylor said he simply enjoyed photography and capturing what he saw, such as views from Mauao, which he climbs twice a week for fitness.

"I tend to find the more you are into photography, the more you see. You are a lot more conscious of your surroundings, always looking for a photograph than you would be otherwise."

Mr Taylor is in his 50s and works fulltime as a credit manager. His photography developed as a hobby in his spare time.