This week's newsmaker is Tane Bennett, who was presented with a Youth Week award for his work with youth in the community. Youth Week was launched in New Zealand in 1998 but this was the first year awards were handed out to mark it. Tane was one of 24 people nationwide to receive an award.

1 - Describe yourself in three words:
"Carefree, grounded and extremely lucky."

2 - Your award acknowledges your work helping young people. Who did you look up to or aspire to be when you were young?
"I really admired Michael Jordan but when you are young I think it is the people you spend most time with that you aspire to be. My family support is amazing and I continue to look up to the elders in my family."

3 - What is your recipe for success in sport?
"Passion and work. There is no replacement for working hard at something. I think that with a mixture of passion and work we can get the chance to spend time doing things that reciprocate inspiration back on to us."


4 - If you could spend an hour talking to anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would that be and why?
"Michael Jordan, because he is my childhood hero. I'm pretty sure I would cry if I had the chance to talk to him. I have a dedicated Jordan wall in my bedroom."

5 - At 7pm on any given weekday, what will we catch you watching on TV?
"I rarely watch TV, you would more likely catch me watching an NBA basketball game or watching a movie on the projector."

6 - How often do you train and what do you do?
"I will coach six sessions, two games weekly and also play in two games myself. Training sessions will involve a mixture of strategic learning, skills and fitness."

7 - What music do you listen to get motivated/pumped up?
"I really love listening to the90s era RnB/Hip Hop music. That's what I would most likely be listening to before playing or coaching a basketball game."

8 - When are you at your happiest?
"Spending time with family, after coaching a really well-played game and watching the San Antonio Spurs. SA Spurs to win it all this year."

9 - What do you think is the Western Bay of Plenty's best kept secret?
"I'm not too certain if it is much of a secret but doing the Cert4Fitness course at the BOP Polytechnic is one of the best choices I have ever made. Kelly Pender and Sheree Trotter are amazing tutors and people. I highly recommend it."

10 - In your view, what do you think young people need the most from their community?
"More role models to look up to. People that are willing to set a positive example for them. I don't think that there is a lack of them but you can never have too many."