The master plan for the development of Omokoroa out to SH2 is the topic of a special meeting of the area's residents tonight in Settler's Hall.

It was about preparing for the day in about 10 years when Omokoroa's population was forecasted to have doubled to about 5500 people and the town was ready to leap the railway and begin filling up farmland out to the highway.

The Western Bay District Council is reviewing Omokoroa's master plan after many of the original projections did not reach fruition, partly because of the development slowdown caused by the global credit crunch. The review was using the 2013 Census and other updated information.

Developers and retail representatives have urged the council to shift the location of the planned town centre from land near the railway line to a site close to the highway. It would include a supermarket.


Omokoroa's community board chairman Don Cameron said there was concern about the costs of development, particularly the level of financial contributions that have to be paid for each residential section in subdivisions. He said the council was reviewing plans that determined the future layout of urban development on the peninsula and looking at where savings could be made.