Kotukutuku Gully, in Maketu, will be open on Sunday from 1 to 3pm for people wishing to view the restoration project then enjoy afternoon tea in the shade of native trees, while listening to live music.

The gully used to be overgrown and full of car bodies and rubbish but in 2007, a restoration project began with the consent of landowners, Te Arawa Lakes Trust.

Through the extensive efforts of volunteers, spearheaded by Maketu resident Trevor Hughes, the gully has been transformed to a tranquil walkway which also serves as a habitat corridor for birds.

On any given day you can find Trevor and his small team of volunteers mowing and weeding the gully to stop the spread of noxious weeds which would strangle the trees.


A huge effort goes into the project (over 800 hours per year) not to mention the petrol costs for weed eaters and mowers. The volunteers also use their own equipment so there is a lot of wear and tear on it that wouldn't occur otherwise.

Volunteers are holding this event to raise funds for the ongoing maintenance, which they do out of love for their community and environment.

Afternoon tea is supplied by the Community Development and Projects Office and the Kotukutuku group.

A gold coin donation at the gate is all that's expected as a thank-you for the volunteers' efforts this Sunday between 1 to 3pm on Little Waihi Rd in Maketu.

People can park near the pie shop and walk up Little Waihi Rd.