A Papamoa woman who won $200,000 in Lotto says she doesn't usually buy tickets but through she would try her luck.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, won a share of Lotto First Division on Saturday's live draw.

"I usually only buy tickets for the big draws," she said.

"So when I saw Powerball was at $26 million I decided to pick up a ticket.


"As soon as I had my hand on the ticket I had a good feeling - I was definitely feeling lucky."

And the lucky feeling didn't go away, so right after the draw the winner decided to check her ticket online.

"I was surprisingly calm when I saw my ticket had all six numbers on one line.

"I'm sure it'll be another story when I see the money sitting in my bank account though," the woman said.

The winner said she planned to be sensible with her winnings, but was sure she would have a bit of fun as well.

"I won't be splashing out on anything luxurious - most of it will go to paying off the mortgage - but it will definitely make life a lot easier."

The winning ticket was sold at Papamoa Beach Four Square.

The Lotto First Division jackpot of $1 million was shared by five Lotto players from Palmerston North, Papamoa, Orewa and Auckland.