The group compiling Te Puke Sports' history for its anniversary at Easter has come across a mystery photo and want to sort out where it fits into the club's activities.

Club historian Rick Hannay says the photo has been on the wall at the clubhouse for many years, amid a gallery of other photos, and he would like to get the details of it sorted.

For the past two years, Hannay and others have been shifting through memorabilia relating to the origins of the club.

"It seems there were a few clubs that contributed to what ultimately became Te Puke Sports. Many were short-lived.


"This photo has been displayed at the club for many years but nobody knows exactly who or what it depicts. Someone may have a matching photo in their family collection and be able to shed some light.

"Maybe some faces are familiar, or the shield the team is holding, or the banner at the back. It has TFC 1909 written on the ball. Rugby clubs were called football clubs in those days."

The word Whakatane is written in pencil across the back of the photo, which is presented as a postcard. The boater hats worn by the men not in playing kit suggest the photo may have been taken on a special occasion. Does anyone have a similar photo in their family album?

Anyone with any answers should phone Rick Hannay (in the evenings) on 542-0994 or email: