Don't bother calling Welcome Bay's Karolyn Timarkos tomorrow - her day will be dedicated to Doctor Who.

The 47-year-old sci-fi fan plans to watch the morning screening of the iconic British series on Prime, before travelling to Hamilton with her brother to see the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor, in 3D at the movies. She also plans to catch the show again on TV in the evening.

"It's going to be a Who day," she said.

Ms Timarkos has been a dedicated "whovian" since the return of the show in 2005 and has seen every series since, four or five times, often watching 13 episodes in one sitting.


"We did watch it when we were ankle-biters but I had nightmares so I was banned from watching it as a child," she said.

The Welcome Bay resident, who writes instructional manuals for a living, is a science-fiction and fantasy fan, whose record is 17 40-minute episodes of Stargate SGI in a row.

Ms Timarkos says it's the Doctor Who writing and storylines that keep her hooked. "The convolutedness of the stories. There's usually 13 episodes in a season and you might have one double-barrel story that runs over two episodes. I love the way that the modern writers give nods back to the classic series. They pay homage to where they came from."

Naming her favourite character though, or even her favourite doctor, would be like asking a parent to chose their favourite child, she said.

"They're all so different, incredibly talented, I just couldn't possibly pick one."

Her favourite episode, however, is Blink.

Creator of the 0800 Tardis phone number and Facebook fan page Sam Somers said, for its size, Tauranga was well represented in the number of page "likes".

He was surprised to hear the 50th anniversary episode wasn't being screened here.


Bay City Cinemas' manager Justin Chaney said he had wanted to screen Doctor Who but received a "flat no" from the Australian-based film distributor. He suspected an exclusive deal with other major cinema chains.

He had fielded five or six inquiries from local fans and would have screened it if possible.

Ms Timarkos is also hoping to make it to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, which will be held at the TSB Bank Arena in Wellington on February 21-22. The aisles will be overrun with Doctor Who characters as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra performs composer Murray Gold's music from the series. Overhead, edited sequences of Matt Smith's performance as the 11th Doctor will appear on a big screen.