Maungatapu mother Jo Forrest notes what clothing her eight-year-old daughter is wearing each morning in case she goes missing.
She says her husband had questioned the need for such measures _ but yesterday those questions were silenced.
"Every day I watch as she goes up the school steps _ I don't leave until she is inside. I remember what she is wearing for the day ..."
Outside Maungatapu School yesterday afternoon, parents said they had thought of the abductions of Napier six-year-old Teresa Cormack who was raped and murdered in 1987.
Wairarapa six-year-old Coral Burrows, who was missing for 10 days in 2003 before her body was found, was also in their minds.
Jo Forest said: "I thought of Coral Burrows. Too many things are getting too close to home for Tauranga. We're not that much of a safe haven anymore."
Another parent, Rita Cater, said she was reminded of Teresa Cormack and said she walked her children up to the classroom.
Kororia Ririnui, mother of two Maungatapu School pupils, said she instructed her children on how to keep safe if strangers approached them but it was difficult to know if they will put that advice into practice.
Justine Tuhaka, mother of three pupils, said she was shocked at the kidnap and would definitely be talking to her children.
"It's quite scary," said Ms Tuhaka. "I've said to them lots of times, if you don't know who they are, don't hop into the car."
Both Ms Ririnui and Ms Tuhaka drive their children to school.
James Mikaere was alarmed to learn of the abduction when he picked up his eight-year-old son. Mr Mikaere and his family have moved from Matakana Island to Tauranga and stranger danger is a big issue.