This dog looks how I feel; a bit overgrown, slightly tired and a smidge down.

Man, this is a lame time of year huh?!

Look, I hate to be all Debbie Downer about it all but you can't always find the positives in grey days and cold mornings right now.

I'm usually a super positive person and keen for a grey day to chill and watch TV, or procrastinate whatever it is I should be doing with whatever video Facebook has decided to scroll to after that one I was initially watching. Jeez isn't THAT a rabbit hole!


If you're lucky you'd usually be going on holiday right about now to a sunny island destination, drinking way too early in the day, paying way too much for that booze, but the exchange rate is great so who cares?

Nothing like 11am Pina Coladas in bed on a Tuesday in Fiji when everyone back home is working, I've always said.

The important thing to realise at this time of year is that it's totally okay to feel this way.

No one is happy all the time and my body usually chooses this time of year to pack it in a bit and be a bit glum.

The other important thing is to listen to your body when it's telling you to chill the heck out a bit and there's a reason why the fog in isn't only in the air – it's in your brain as well.

It's because you are stressed, working hard, you have your worries and it's cold and grey for days on end.

It's winter that makes me realise that I could not live permanently in a place like London that is dark by 3.30pm some days in winter. Ew.

The good bit about being a bit down and a bit grey over winter is that you can eat it away occasionally.


I mean it's not necessarily the healthiest choice; to eat your feelings, but it does provide a little comfort.

Or if red wine by a heat source and some trashy TV is your bag, then do that.

Will Johnston, The Hits. Photo / File
Will Johnston, The Hits. Photo / File

Throw a sickie, have a massive sleep in, or go home from work at lunchtime – via KFC – if that's what you need.

I'm giving you permission to be a lazy sack and put on a bit of 'winter coat' of blubber.

Be the whale you know you are deep inside. It's fine. No one you aren't comfortable with has to see that body in public over this time.

Not even Chris Hemsworth has abs ALL the time, right?!


Eat the pie.

But blow on it first, of course. Always blow on the pie.

But try not to always eat the pie alone. I find in the down times the best thing you can do is have people close to you to talk to or just 'be' with.

You don't even have to talk about how your feeling, just totally use them as a distraction if that's what you need. You're probably the same to them to be honest!

The other good bit about these kinds of winter blues we all feel sometimes is alluded to in their name; they are winter-based.

As spring and summer hit we all find that vitamin D hit we need and we come out of this funk.


With a little luck, we are still the awesome bubble we are as a country and can all hang out this summer and have a few drinks in the sun.

But for now … grab the dog, get some hot chips, fire up Netflix and have a dribbly sleep in front of the tele!