We may be in the depths of winter but Auckland-based Dunedin five-piece Summer Thieves are set to hit the nation's summer hot spots on tour, on the back of a new EP due July 31. We catch up with lead singer and guitarist Jake Barton.

1 Describe Summer Thieves' sound in one sentence.

Dirty roots and indie popcorn covered in hot butter and served fresh.

2 How did lockdown affect the band?


The band itself was obviously separated but myself and Johnny live together so we basically wrote the next album during lockdown. There was a lot of time for us to get planning on getting back out on the road - it's been the longest time since we got together that we haven't played a live show.

3 What's the story behind the EP's name Bandaids and Lipstick?

This EP/project was always set out to be pop. The meaning behind the bandaids and lipstick is pretty much like yin 'n yang. The bandaids representing "those" tracks and the lipstick "the other" tracks.

4 Do you have a favourite track on the EP, what is it and why?

Ocean Baby for me. I'm sure we all have different favourites. But I really like that track.

5 What are the elements of a perfect summer anthem?

Mix some Six60 and some L.A.B. together in a wee shaker and you should be sorted for a summer anthem.

Summer Thieves are touring this month. Photo / Supplied
Summer Thieves are touring this month. Photo / Supplied

6 What does success as a musician mean for you?


That's a question I find I ask myself a lot and I think it changes over time as do your goals and expectations. If you're doing it or giving it a good go then your succeeding.

7 What are the best and worst things to happen in music in your lifetime?

I would say Spotify and streaming platforms. They are the best and also the worst so that answers that in one.

8 What's the best thing about going on the road touring?

Definitely not the travel time but 100 per cent it's playing the shows and seeing the emotion the music can bring to some of these people. Pretty amazing sometimes.

9 You can only fit one album on your device for the rest of your life - what is it?

Sublime, Sublime.


10 You're curating a music festival. Who's on the bill, alive or dead?

Jack Johnson, Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Sublime, 2Pac, Temple of the Dog, Kora, Jimi Hendrix, Stone Temple Pilots, Gangstar, Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Hall and Oates, Bob Marley, Quincey Jones.

Summer Thieves' Bandaids and Lipstick tour visits Raglan - July 17 with Casper, Mount Maunganui - July 18 and Auckland - August 1 with LA Woman, Christchurch - August 6, Dunedin - August 7 and Wanaka - August 8.