Rock Steady is a classic rock super-group made up of members from bands Foreigner and Bad Company. Former guitarist for Bad Company and Humble Pie Dave Colwell gave us the lowdown on the group.

How did Rock Steady come to be?

Rock Steady is the baby of singer Ronan Kavanagh - a dear friend and great musician who has recently moved to New Zealand - with help from promoter Steve Tree. Ronan sang for my band Bucket & Co when he was based in the United Kingdom.

Why tour New Zealand?
Ronan has wanted to get myself and our other long time mate Rick Will down to New Zealand for a long time. This seemed to be the perfect vehicle. Gordon (Gordon Joll from Kaiwaka) is a respected friend of Ro also ... I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. We have toured mainly in the United States and Europe. I am also a Lord of the Rings nut and I can't wait to visit Hobbitland haha!


What can the audience expect?
The tour is Rock Steady play Bad Company and Foreigner so all the big hits really, it's a two hour show of full on rock.

What are your favourite songs?
I've always loved Ready For Love and the song Bad Company, it will be great to play the Foreigner songs such as Hot Blooded, Feels like the First Time.

Does the music appeal to a younger fan base?
I'm not sure about a younger fan base, especially as we've never been to your country. Hopefully we'll get a cross section of classic rock fans.

I imagine it will be a lot of fun catching up with your old mates ... Rick and I have known each other and toured since 1990 in Bad Company and with Kenney Jones In the Jones Gang. We have had sooo much fun it hurts ... we haven't seen Ro in years since he emigrated down there so it's going to be some reunion.

What's next?
We all have other projects on the go, I have a new album Buckets Rebel Heart coming out end of February but we would certainly like to do this later next year ... Australia maybe? So we are thoroughly looking forward to this and excited to rock the house at the various venues across New Zealand, maybe sample a few of your wonderful wines as well!