Josie Calcott got an earful from excited teens from Otumoetai College Leos Club as they handed her a wad of cash to contribute to her campaign for a second cochlear implant.

The Leos —a youth subgroup of the Lions Club of Otumoetai — have been looking for ways to help out in the community and were touched by Josie's story on her Givealittle page Give Josie an Earful.

Josie, a nurse from Papamoa, has been deaf since age 2 after contracting a bad case of chicken pox. She received a cochlear implant in her right ear in 2012 but it is still limiting. More than anything, Josie wants to hear her children properly when they are chatting to her.

"I finally realised why I struggle to hear my three children in the car," Josie says.


"My implanted ear is on the right side. The left [non-hearing] side and behind me is where my children are sitting in the car.

Every day, they are excitedly telling me a story and I am not able to hear them."

Josie's friends created the Givealittle page to help raise $40,000 needed for a second cochlear implant.

Leo member Anna Domett says there has been an awesome show of community for Josie.

The Leos held a big bake sale at their school to contribute to the cause. "We think Josie's fundraiser is for a fantastic purpose and a really awesome opportunity to educate the community on the cochlear implant.

"It's been a real team effort," she says. Raised funds on the Give Josie an Earful Givealittle page sits at $5151.30 so far.