Electro-pop musicians Sachi came up with their band name as a nod to Sachiko, an old Japanese man Will Thomas met when he was an exchange student.

With Nick Chrisp, the teenage music producers are a two-man Auckland band making a name for themselves in the electro-pop world.

Nick and Will met at primary school in Auckland and played in indie rock bands together throughout their schooling years. As they grew and their tastes developed, they both fell into music production and started writing together with a shared love of electronic music.

Will went on a student exchange programme at age 14 and stayed at a monastery.


He met Sachiko who was something of a mentor to him.

Nick says Will came home to New Zealand with "fire in his eyes and a new boy-to-man thing, he was really inspired".

"We started making music together after that."

The pair will release their second EP soon, which runs along the same lines as their last. Their debut EP was Lunch With Bianca last year. "Bianca" is an idea, not a person. The new EP has the same concept, but this time she/it is Ruby.

"We have definitely grown musically with our latest music, it's a testament to living our lives and having new experiences ... but it's more of a progression of what we have always done."

Will and Nick have a great story of how they got their big break.

The two used to stalk touring electronic artists visiting New Zealand via social media and give them a demo. Diplo was in town and the two recognised the restaurant he was dining at on social media. They waited for him and threw a USB stick through his car window. Six months later it was played on the radio.

The two are excited to have been invited to Bay Dreams and can't wait to visit the Mount again and showcase their new music at the sold-out concert.

Bay Dreams has a massive line-up and plays at Mount Maunganui on January 2.