Once again the Sundaise three-day music festival is hosting a ball, and this time the theme of Curious Carnival Tales brings to life the vision of creative director Rachael Stanway.

"Think glitter, bright colours and carnival. You could dress up as some character from your favourite childhood story, draw ideas from movies like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and The Labyrinth or take inspiration from old school or modern circus and traditional European carnivals," she says.

The festival is five years old and regular attendees wait in anticipation for the theme announcement so they can start creating costumes and glamping out their campsites.

"The look and feel of the event this year will be very carnival," continues Stanway. "We really encourage people just to let their imagination go with this theme and interpret it however they want."


Stanway is keen for festival-goers to get behind the theme, as she believes the injection of revellers in costume is what really brings the festival to life.

"You can really connect with people, especially if you dress up, because everyone always adopts an alter ego when they're in costume and all your inhibitions suddenly go out the window!

"Our face painters will be back again so if you've got an idea that includes some face painting then you can go and discuss it with them. You will need to book though as they are always super busy," she advises.

The Sundaise Ball theme ties in with the overall styling of the festival which, for 2017, will include a new forest walk with mirrors and light installations, brightly coloured art and sculptures.

Stanway, a collector of all things - from carnival-like to French vintage - is excited to bring her own personal style to this year's event.

"Everything will be very bright and eclectic. There will be lots of interesting things to look at as well as chill-out areas where people can enjoy drinks and nibbles with friends like our lounge suite in the forest which will be surrounded by beautiful lamps and lighting to create a special chill-out zone."

the fine print
What: Sundaise Ball Theme Party
Where: Sundaise Music Festival, Dickey Flat Campsite, Waihi
When: Saturday, March 11.