You don't have to be big to be beautiful, according to Circus Aotearoa ringmaster Damien Gordon.

The circus swings into action at Memorial Park tomorrow and while it might be smaller than many, this circus has plenty of thrills, he says.

"People will enjoy the intimacy of the show and personality of the performers. We are not just faceless people doing spectacles.

"The people who show you to your seats and who serve your candyfloss are the people who, next minute, you will see performing in the ring." While animal entertainment has had its day, aerial antics have not. According to reviews, the Aotearoa Circus is gobsmacking, and enthralling with body bending trapeze acts, silk acrobatics, group acrobatics, clowns and juggling.


"It a real fun and enjoyable family friendly show that people from three years to grandma will enjoy. It's a real pleasant day out," said Mr Gordon.

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What: Circus Aotearoa
Where: Memorial Park
When: Friday 24 February until March 5.