The Incubator is hosting Grace Denny's first solo exhibition, Sticks and Stones, this month.

Denny's photos and drawings place a magnifying glass on nature, revealing intriguing textures and fine details that are usually overlooked.

The work has been inspired by the nature surrounding Tauranga, with the artists venturing into orchards, drifting far along the beach, and sourcing out hidden nooks to capture interesting moments.

Denny sees beyond nature's first face to the twists and turns of its textures, and its tiniest scribbles of detail. The result for the viewer appreciating the work is the realisation that she has taken something that seemed bland, and made it fascinating.


Denny's photography is a study of detail, texture, and layout. When seeking an interesting photo to take, she is drawn to details such as scars in trees. She looks closely to spot the unusual, and then capture it. The photography includes her Ants series, Scar series, Moon series, Cube series, Pyramid and Layers series.

With her drawing, Denny aims to make it look as real as possible. Realism is a challenge that she triumphantly rises to, her drawings holding the same amount of impeccable detail and maturity that her photos do.