The traditional Indian Holi festival has become an international icon of multi-culturalism and it's Tauranga's turn to celebrate it this weekend.

Traditionally, the festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil but it has more recently come to symbolise setting aside differences and not differentiating between race and colour, says organiser RJ Payal.

"The splashing of colour is about coming together and unifying. We are all people, we are all human, and it's about setting aside past differences," Payal says.

"It is also about forgetting your worries - throwing them away with the colour and being in the moment, enjoying life with your family and friends," says co-organiser Sunil Kumar.


He is hoping Kiwis and all other cultures will take to the riotous afternoon and that the festival will continue to grow bigger and better over time, with more Tauranga people embracing the ethos.

"This is for the whole family to enjoy and people of all ages," says Sunil.

As well as traditional and Bollywood music, entertainment will include Brazilian, hip hop and belly dancing, and of course plenty of food - from all different cultures.

Everyone is welcome: bring a water pistol, let loose and have fun. The celebration will be capped off with fireworks at 9pm and the best place to watch will be from The Strand, says Mr Kumar.