Celebrity chef Peter Blakeway is trying to get the scoop on what the Bay's favourite ice cream flavour is.

He'll be at Papamoa's Dinner in the Domain tonight with 25 of his specialty flavours: his special ice cream base and liquid nitrogen enabling him to come up with delicious ice creams in lickity split seconds.

"It's only going to take 10 seconds to freeze the ice cream, so once people have chosen their flavour, we'll be able to make up their ice cream and figure out what the Bay's favourite is," he said.

The treat might be ice-cold but they'll be in hot demand and there will be something to tempt even the frostiest of palates.


The flavours include strawberry, raspberry, kiwifruit, mango, apricot and even avocado.

the fine print
What: Instant ice cream
Where: Dinner in the Domain, Papamoa
When: February 25, 6.30pm.