Love, Rosie (M)
115 minutes

Irish author Cecelia Ahern showed us what she was made of with the hit tear-jerker

PS. I Love You

seven years ago.


Her novels have found a real place with female readers and Love, Rosie is based on her latest bestselling effort Where Rainbows End.

And the theme of true love runs strongly through this one, too.

Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin) have been inseparable best mates since they were 5 years old.

They share everything and are true soulmates as they grow up.

But the pair are best friends - and best friends only - and neither is prepared to take that first step to advance their relationship as they grow into young adults.

It seems obvious that they will ultimately end up together until fate lends a hand in proving otherwise.

Their end-of-school dance, which is to be about Rosie and Alex, ends up being the turning point in the next 15 years of their lives.

As Alex heads off to medical school at Harvard, Rosie is a teenage mother struggling to cope with its challenges.


Reluctant to involve Alex in her problem, she keeps the baby a secret from him and the baby's absent father leaves her to deal with it on her own.

As Alex and Rosie grow into their lives, they have a lot of trouble connecting with each other.

When Alex is single and yearning for her company, Rosie finds something else in her life. When Rosie wants Alex around, she finds he has moved in a different direction.

Fate is not being their friend and life starts to look like it is going to leave them as best friends - and nothing more.

But, as you might expect, things do change and there is a final twist in their relationship ...

Watch the trailer for Love, Rose below: