The Judge
(M), 142 minutes

Robert Downey jnr has put away his superhero suit and donned a serious face for a somewhat rare dramatic role.

Downey jnr plays Hank Palmer, a hot-shot big-city lawyer who has long since cut ties with his family and his corn-belt hometown.

The death of his mother reluctantly brings Hank back for the funeral and an awkward meeting with his father, local county Judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall).


There is little love between the pair, despite their shared legal backgrounds.

Hank's eagerness to leave the town is destroyed when his father is arrested and charged with murdering a man who he knew through his court.

Though Hank is clearly the best man to defend him, his father is determined to seek no help from him.

As the case comes to trial, it becomes clear that Hank must take control to prevent his father going to prison for a crime he cannot remember committing. As Hank searches for answers to what happened that wet and windy night, both men are forced to confront their shared past and recognise what led them to where they are today.

Hank must also deal with the love of his life, who he left behind, and two brothers and the impact he had on their lives.

The plot intricately weaves its way through the various lives and happenings that brought them to where they are today. Like some sort of chess game, each move had an impact on someone else and caused long-lasting implications.

Ultimately, it becomes clear why the relationship between the Judge and Hank disintegrated when Hank was a young man. Hank's journey home allows many answers to be found - both in what happened with his father that night and what brought them to where they are today.

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