The music on Brightly Painted One - the follow-up to 2012's Some Were Meant For The Sea - is all about Hollie Fullbrook's amazing voice, the instrumentation dialled right down to give the almost husky vocals the spotlight.

Acoustic murmurings, glorious strings, understated percussion and delicious brass meander across the album in no great hurry, as if enjoying the sunshine on a lazy summer's day.

There's a beauty in the spaces between the music, and in the pictures painted by Fullbrook's lyrics.

Tiny Ruins has been compared with Beth Orton and Cat Power among others, but a better comparison is Mazzy Star, whose music also lulls the listener into a state of warm relaxation.


There are too many standout tracks on this album to mention them all, but Carriages is a real highlight among highlights.

Sometimes less is more, and Brightly Painted One illustrates that perfectly.