Caffeine addiction - who would have thought this was possible?
Three days since quitting caffeine I got horrendous raging headaches, tiredness and cravings for the infamous latte.
Today it has been a week since I started this crazy challenge for myself, and it has definitely been an eye-opener.
My headaches have gone now, and I am starting to get more energy, but to top it off, the feeling of achievement after each one-hour gym session has left me feeling happier.
My breakfast is porridge oats as they give a slow release of energy over the day. I must admit it has taken a few days to master it. Day one I poured boiled water over the oats and nuked them in the microwave for the suggested few minutes, adding a sprinkle of protein powder and no milk. Yes, the first day was less than desirable - I honestly felt like I was eating horse food. To get a creamy consistency I learnt to add boiling water for 10 minutes, allow the water to be absorbed then microwave. The result is palatable creamy porridge.
Top tip for the week - don't go to the supermarket when you are hungry. I found my senses came alive and wanted to take over when I smelt the delicious fresh-baked bread. I'm sure my mouth salivated. Thank goodness I had the willpower to keep on walking to buy my scrumptious spinach.
It's especially hard when meeting friends socially. As I am sure you are aware, it is nearly always over a morning coffee, lunch, dinner, wine and nibbles or movies with snacks. To resolve this I prepared all my meals and took my own snacks such as mandarins and a handful of almonds.
Lunch is baby spinach leaves, chicken breast and some cottage cheese which was surprisingly filling, with my friends also wanting to have some.
I definitely have sore muscles and find using the cross training a little bit boring, but the end result I hope will be amazing.
I would like to set you a challenge this week and join me on my journey by asking you to keep a diary for one week starting from today. Start by taking note of every single thing that goes in your mouth and do not worry as no one will judge you.
Please be honest as the only person you will be cheating is yourself. I was shocked when I read what I had eaten as the little nibble of this and the quick bite of this adds up really fast to the extra winter padding that we don't need.
I have very sore bottom muscles from weight training on Tuesday. My exercise regime has me going to the gym five days a week with Monday being cardio and abdominal work - and wow can the sit-ups hurt after doing just one set of 12.
Tuesday morning is my hardest day of the week with super setting. This means doing 10-12 reps of an exercise five times for six exercises.
Wednesday is a dawny - which means 6.30am start in Brett's circuit class at the gym, which I absolutely loved. It was so much fun doing different exercises and weights. The people were great helping me as I fumbled to each exercise - I can't wait to go back.
Thursday is another cardio and weights day, and with sore muscles it's a challenge to get in there, but I'm determined nothing will stop me.
So that's week one - sore but feeling more positive every day - and I'm looking forward to next week's measurements with the dreaded tape and deeply honest scales.