The teen parents who fled hospital with their newborn daughter and camped overnight in bushland say they are the victims of arson.

Fourteen-year-old Jayden Lavender, who spent 16 hours on the run with his 15-year-old fiancee Jenifer Morrison and their "bubba" Aria, said the arson attack compounded the pair's heartbreak at the revelation that the newborn has been discharged from hospital.

Jayden said they don't know where Aria is since the trio were found after a major police search last Thursday.

Nepean Hospital confirmed Aria was discharged from hospital in
Nepean Hospital confirmed Aria was discharged from hospital in "good health" on Friday. Photo / Facebook

Nepean Hospital has confirmed that Aria was discharged from hospital in "good health" on Friday following a thorough health check.


"I just want to know if my daughter is OK, I'm her father, it's crushed me now knowing she is not at the hospital," Jayden said.

"Jenny has been crying all day."

Jayden said he had been awake when the fire was lit by an unknown arsonist at their Mt Druitt home around 12am on Friday because he had been "crying all night".

"Somebody came and lit fire to our house, I was in the lounge room ... I saw somebody on the ground looking through my door, so I went to the window and they started running with the petrol," he said. "They poured the petrol and then they lit it and it went bang, everything went up.

"There were flames coming underneath the door, it was a petrol fire and I'm putting it out with water."

The Daily Telegraph witnessed black scorch marks on the home's front door as well as burnt grass.

Jayden said while he and Jenny appreciated all the kind words they had received from some community members, there were also others who had also threatened him.

"I appreciate what people are doing for us, but there are those people who are saying if they see me on the streets they say they are going to bash me," he said.

Jenifer and Jayden got engaged after finding out they were expecting a child last Father's Day, however they have not been able to marry because they are under 16.