Locals in the north Queensland region of Burdekin might have escaped the brunt of Cyclone Debbie. But one was not so lucky.

WIN News Townsville journalist Philip Calder described his shock at finding the "heavy" metre-and-a-half bull shark when he was out reporting in Ayr, a town of Burdekin, covering the local flooding after the devastating cyclone, according to news.com.au.

The shark was found dead on a road that has been cut off by flooding. A community nearby, Rita Island, has been cut off by the flood waters and Calder was on his way to cover the story when he spotted the shark.

"He must've gotten caught in a torrent and confused, beached himself on the side of the road," Calder told news.com.au.


"We were pretty amazed, we were turning up to shoot a flooding road, we weren't expecting to see wildlife as well."

Bull sharks are common in the area, according to Calder, and many of them live in creeks and rivers close by to nearby communities.

The Burdekin River, located in North and Far North Queensland, is known to house bull sharks, turtles and barracudas.

Calder said the shark is "the talk of the town", while "a lot of people are turning up to touch it. They are pretty excited by it".

Despite being in the firing line, Ayr received only moderate flooding.

"We've escaped the brunt of the cyclone, we're pretty relieved," Calder said.