Tropical Cyclone Freda has struck the Solomon Islands.

She has brought heavy rains and winds of up to 130km/h.

Roofs have been ripped off houses and trees have been flattened, while rising rivers caused flooding in some areas.

Officials in the Solomon Islands will this morning carry out a flyover to assess the extent of damage from Cyclone Freda.


World Vision's Operations Manager in the Solomon Islands Jared Berends said the worst affected area appears to be the Makira province.

"Reports are coming in that there's widespread flooding. A lot of the rivers here have broken their banks and then flooded surrounding areas and then we're getting reports of minor damage to houses as well and the flooding's also caused damage to infrastructure," he said.

Mr Berends said the cyclone has also damaged some bridges, cutting access to some areas.

There are no reports of deaths or injuries.

Cyclone trackers at the Nadi weather office say the category two cyclone is moving away and continuing to intensify.

However, Freda is no longer expected to hit Vanuatu and New Caledonia in the coming days.