Those looking for warmth will have to chase the sunshine this week as forecast clear skies push the mercury down in the shade and overnight.

Cool and crisp sunny days are forecast for much of the North Island this week as temperatures drop to near-freezing point in Auckland overnight.

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But those who can find a sheltered spot in the sun away from the cold southerly winds could find a T-shirt and shorts will suffice.


Today's temperature in Auckland is predicted to hit a high of 13C with an overnight low of 0C.

However, overnight low temperatures will climb on Wednesday and Thursday to about 5C.

Philip Duncan of said temperatures would warm up as a high moving into New Zealand moved away.

"When a high first moves in, that's when we usually get our southerlies. And as it starts to depart is when we get northerlies.

"It's quite normal when a high first moves in, that's when we hear about black ice and severe frosts. Gradually it will feel more and more spring-like as the week goes on."

Mr Duncan said current temperatures were close to as cold as Auckland got.

"Auckland doesn't normally drop below -2C ... normally it bottoms out around 0C and that's what we've been getting lately," he said.

"You can wear shorts and a T-shirt in the middle of winter and be hot. If you can get out of [the breeze] it's really pleasant."

According to a three-month climate outlook released by Niwa, Auckland will experience a normal winter, with average temperatures and normal rainfall levels.

Mr Duncan said because of the absence of a dominant weather force such as La Nina or El Nino, New Zealand's winter this year "had a bit of everything".

"We've had warm, subtropical, torrential rain in the north, we've had snow storms in the south. We've had very dry frosty weather, and we've had some cloudy, extremely wintery cold snaps as well."