Move over, Hamburglar, a new guy in town is after pies.

Isaac Gordon Rippey appeared in the Whanganui District Court yesterday after swiping eight pies from two dairies on April 24.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Drew Morrison said Rippey, 21, went to the first dairy, took four pies valued at $12 from the warmer and dashed out to his car without paying. About 20 minutes later he took four pies from the second dairy and ran. He told police he was hungry.

Defence lawyer Jacinda Younger said Rippey was on stand-down from his benefit and had no food or money.


Judge David Cameron said he suspected Rippey had learned his lesson. Rippey was sentenced to come up if called upon within six months and ordered to pay reparation of $24 - $12 to each dairy.