It was a case of shutting up shop for good yesterday at Dick Smith Masterton.

The Queen St electronics retailer closed its doors forever, following the Australian company's collapse and subsequent receivership on January 5.

The company announced it would shut all 62 stores in New Zealand and about 300 in Australia over the coming months.

Donald Warren has worked at Dick Smith Masterton for the past 10 years.


He is one of nearly 3000 staff to lose their jobs as a result of the chain closures, and among 430 in New Zealand.

Yesterday he was found sweeping out the store, left empty after merchandise was shipped to other Dick Smith outlets, which would continue trading for a while longer.

Mr Warren, born and bred in Masterton, said he was "gutted" to learn the chain was closing down.

"About two weeks ago everyone was made aware that we were made redundant with [yesterday] being the last day."

He said he was "upset and a bit distressed, but after finding out where the company was at [financially] it was expected that this could happen".

Mr Warren said the Masterton store had been one of the first ones in the country to shut "because of its location".

"I spent the last two weeks hearing people say 'we'll miss you' which was not easy to hear."

Now that his decade-long job had come to a close, Mr Warren said he was unsure what his next move would be.

"You put your name out there and see what happens -- just like anyone else looking for a job."