Teams at Masterton Intermediate School have been seizing the lion's share of regional interschool victories and today hold four SuperSports banners.

Principal Russell Thompson said he was rapt at the performance of both the MIS boys' and girls' softball teams that each took a championship banner at the SuperSport Softball tournament held at Colquhoun Park in Palmerston North.

The banners have taken pride of place in the MIS assembly hall alongside SuperSports championship banners for cricket and rugby that teams from the Masterton school also now hold.

Mr Russell said the latest victories were helping to return the school to past days of sporting glory when championship banners were even more numerous in the hall, and the conquests were even more impressive given the competition included an array of far larger schools extending through Manawatu to Whanganui.


He said the double win alone was a rare feat, with the school newsletter boasting that "in very few of the tournaments each year does the same school win both banners, so this makes the achievement more memorable".

"The highlights of the day were the outstanding efforts of our students and the fantastic assistance our large contingent of parent and whanau supporters gave to both teams.