A spate of late-night tagging has left a Masterton couple "disgusted".

At least four properties around the town were hit over the weekend with graffiti which appears to spell "Resko".

Among the targets were a lamppost on College St and a nearby garage.

A woman who lived at the property and asked not to be named, said she and her husband spotted the tag yesterday morning.


"We were really disgusted," she said. "It's supposed to be a nice area and we don't want people coming here and tagging it up."

The couple had moved their family to Masterton two years ago "to get away from that sort of thing" in south Auckland.

"It's such a beautiful warming place here. This is just a nice place to raise our kids."

Having witnessed similar behaviour in south Auckland, the woman said tagging was a typical way for youths to mark their turf.

"It's to show that they have been there -- like how a dog pisses to mark out their territory.

"It's pretty horrible," she said, "but there's obviously nothing better for those kids to do."

The woman said a "big wall" should be freed up so "people who have a bit of talent could express it".

She suggested the taggers could get some artistic tips by looking at the Chorus exchange boxes that were painted around the town by professional artists.

Masterton acting Sergeant Tony Matheson said the tag had also been spotted at properties on Renall St, Beetham St and Masters Crescent.

"Someone has been through town on Friday and Saturday night causing a bit of trouble, with burglaries and tagging events recorded," Mr Matheson said.

"We would very much like to know who is responsible for it. It seems to be someone is on a mission about town causing mayhem." He asked anyone with any information regarding the graffiti to phone Masterton Police on (06) 370 0378.