Janetta Mackay has the latest and greatest beauty tips for brides.


Alluring cat eyes, swept-back hair and rosy lips define a classic wedding day beauty look, as seen at Carolina Herrera's spring bridal collection. The New York-based designer favoured lace detailing and sleek silhouettes, with Bobbi Brown's makeup team complementing the graceful gowns with glowing, delicately flushed skin.

Bridal beauty is becoming bolder, but the fail-safe way to have your wedding cake and eat it, too, is to choose a look that will last as long as your photographs and then vamp it up for the after-match festivities.

A familiar and subtly beguiling fragrance envelops you in confidence. Try buying an old favourite in a new size that your bridesmaid can slip into your beauty bag for a refreshing spritz between ceremony and celebration time. We like the jasmine and woody dual accord eau de parfum that is Estee Lauder's Modern Muse in its limited-edition 20ml Her Favourite Things bottle ($98). Unlike many smaller-sized offerings this one is as much a design statement as the larger bottles, so afterwards you'll enjoy having it on display.


Booking hair and makeup together is standard stuff, but Lucy & The Powder Room and Stephen Marr have taken bespoke service a step further with the Dressing Room at the Department Store in Takapuna, where wedding planning can also include choosing a gown from Bo & Luca or Penny Sage, coming up with a beauty plan, finding the right lingerie, sourcing vintage designer jewellery via Love & Object, and hosting an intimate bridal shower with your besties over champagne or pedicures.

Estee Lauder's Modern Muse, $98; M.A.C Nail Transformations pearlised Liquid Pigments, $26. Pictures / Supplied.
Estee Lauder's Modern Muse, $98; M.A.C Nail Transformations pearlised Liquid Pigments, $26. Pictures / Supplied.


Expertise is everything - tap into it. The standard bridal advice is repeated for a reason; just remember to adapt it to suit your personal style. Trial your hair and beauty looks whether you are opting for professional services, using a friend or doing it yourself. Photograph the results and scrutinise them carefully so you can adjust the handiwork if needed.

Garter belts threaded with blue ribbon and hidden handkerchiefs aren't the only ways to tick off the old saying. M.A.C nail guru Keri Blair says American brides are increasingly incorporating blue and nail art into their manicures and pedicures. A little blue bow detail adds interest to a nude nail, or opt for baby blue polish. We like M.A.C.'s new Nail Transformations pearlised Liquid Pigments, $26. The new top coats with a twist give a subtle shot effect to nails, with Gold and Pink Pearl (pictured) being safe bridal shades.