Nici Wickes contemplates a month without sugar.

I haven't been following too closely the debate over the dangerous role that sugar is playing in our diets but it hasn't entirely escaped me either that the general consensus is, it's playing havoc.

I've got a friend who is addicted to alcohol and over the years I've seen the damage that drugs can do to people in the grips of addiction and the common factor always seems to be that they can't see the damage it's doing. The denial can last for years, maybe even forever, but sometimes something snaps in their resolve and they realise they're not so in control as they thought and they do something about it. But can sugar really be as bad a substance as that?

Imagine my horror when, there I was, once again buying a takeaway coffee, and almost as an afterthought I snatched the small bag of cookies on the counter to add to my order. A small bag, a small gesture. Yet somehow it spoke volumes because less than an hour earlier I had promised myself that today would be the day I'd eat healthily. So why the bag of sweetness? Could I be addicted? How much control do I have over the sweet white granules? Or do they have it over me?

Some might be doing Dry July but as a near-abstainer when it comes to alcohol that holds no challenge for me. But can I do without sugar for a month? Could I become Nici No Sugar for 30 days? I've broken a sweat just thinking about it.