Medina has retained the best of the 163-year-old former Treasury building, opposite Victoria Park. Adelaide's newest hotel has all the grandeur of time-worn architecture but features a five-star complex of 80 rooms, with apartment-style living and a choice of studio, one- or two-bedroom accommodation.

During the 1850s Australia's first gold coin was minted there and gold was moved and stored in the building, and rumours are rife that some may still be hidden there.

Myths abound concerning Treasury workers using several underground tunnels for access under Flinders St on government business to the Torrens building.

But whisper has it that employees used the tunnels to pop into their local watering hole at lunchtime.

Individual features of the old Treasury building have been kept, including archways, stone features or a brick ceiling.

For instance, one room has two original door mouldings, now cleverly incorporated into the wall decor, where once there was an external exit.

In the lobby, Medina has put on display the intriguing artefacts uncovered during the redevelopment.

If you are tempted away from Medina's Treasury restaurant, Adelaide's fantastic central market just a street away is laden with South Australia's best produce.

Food and wine buffs can visit the National Wine Centre which features an interactive museum dedicated to the story of Australian winemaking, as well as an excellent restaurant, de Castella's.

Medina Apartments

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