Sarah Atkinson flies NZ8744 from Rotorua to Auckland.

The plane:

Bombardier Q300. Tidy, nothing fancy and about the size you would expect on this short route. But to be honest my mind wasn't so much on the plane as it was on my handsome neighbour.

Price: Fares start from $73 one-way from Auckland.

Class: Economy.


My seat: 8A between the wing and a beautiful business man whose elbow gently rocked against mine. I didn't mind.

Flight time: 55 minutes. 40 of which I spent agonising over something becoming to say. It was only as we started to descend that he finally broke the ice and turned to me. It was in this moment that I realised that a) I was an idiot b) I was sitting next to the most beautiful Chilean man in the world and c) is this actually Hugh Jackman impersonating a Chilean business man?! Why had I let the last 40 minutes slip from my grasp when I could have been brushing up on my Spanish?

Entertainment: As above.

The service: As always, with a smile.

Food and drink: Water and lollies.

Fellow passengers: Business people (it was a Thursday evening flight home), tourists and Nicco/Hugh Jackman.

Airport Experience: I was happy to find a bar in the small Rotorua airport which was well received by my group. We didn't need to check in as we were on a same-day flight back.

The bottom line: Sometimes it's a blessing to be split up from your group and instead talk to handsome strangers.