It has been advertised as the "best job on the planet".

A company is seeking job applicants willing to travel the world for three months, stay in luxury accommodation and be paid a total of US$30,000 ($42,796).

What a busy week over here at #THIRDHOME! #TheBestJobOnThePlanet has been featured across many popular websites and...

Posted by 3RD HOME on Friday, 24 March 2017

Thirdhome, a Tennessee-based firm that describes itself as "an exclusive private club for luxury second home owners", wants the successful applicant to stay in up to 12 "multi-million dollar" properties and share their experiences on social media.

It will pay $10,000 ($14,265) a month, plus travel expenses, for three months. The candidate is allowed to bring along a travel companion, but they will have to pay for themselves.


Applicants are invited to send a one minute video explaining why they deserve the job and the deadline is March 30.

However, the company isn't looking for just anyone. Candidates must meet strict criteria, including experience in social media, writing and taking pictures and video.

They must also have an "appreciation for the finer things in life".

Those wanting to bring along their dog will be disappointed as pets are not allowed.

This article was originally published by the Daily Telegraph.