Here I am more than halfway into my trip and Tokyo greets me with bright lights and people everywhere.

It's crazier than Hong Kong in very many ways and I loved discovering the weird and wonderful in this city.

Visiting the Tsukiji fish markets and seeing some of the world's best seafood was definitely a highlight. Learning to make sushi with this wonderful ingredient was fun and these sushi masters are really amazing.

Now for the unusual. You can't really experience Tokyo without spending a night in a capsule hotel. These were created to offer cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who didn't need or couldn't afford the regular hotels and as space comes at a premium in Tokyo they make sense - however, not my most comfortable night's sleep, I will admit.


Following on this theme I decided to try lunch at a canned restaurant, Mr Kanso - everything is in cans and I mean there is pretty much everything, including seal and bear.

I'm not sure that this would be a popular eating destination in many countries but, as with Hong Kong, I'm throwing myself into the experience!

The highlight for me in Tokyo was not actually a total foodie one. It was meeting and getting to train with a sumo team. Tourists aren't usually allowed in, even to visit the sumo rings but they let me give it a go.

Just a little warning - you may see a little more of Manu than you have bargained for in this episode but I'm sure you will see the fun I had.

I also learned that the sumo wrestlers have a very strict diet and eat only two meals a day as they need to gain weight as quickly as possible.

I could give you a long list of things to do in Tokyo because I think it has a lot
to offer to the tourist, especially if you want to try new experiences. Here are
a few you shouldn't miss.

• Visit the fish markets - you will see the freshest, most amazing fish.
• Visit a sushi master and if you can't get a lesson, just watch and learn and then eat their delicious dishes.
• Try some new food - from a tin.
• Stay for a night in a capsule hotel.
• Eat Ramen - lots of it!

See more of Manu in Tokyo in Around The World With Manu Feildel, Saturday, 8.30pm, TVNZ 1 and TVNZ OnDemand.