Episode four: HONG KONG

A short four-hour flight from Kolkata, India and I'm in Hong Kong. I loved India but the change of pace was refreshing and I was ready to get my hands dirty in a new country.
Hong Kong is a crazy, compact collection of new buildings next to old side streets with all sorts of little shops; a modern place with some amazing older culinary experiences.

Visiting, cooking and eating at Tim Ho Wan, one of the best dim sum restaurants in the world, was a great experience and the restaurant's famous steamed pork buns were heavenly.

For me, this trip was all about discovery so I was excited to try many new things. Hong Kong has a wide selection of Chinese medicine - I found a shop with a very helpful owner who answered all my questions and even let me taste a few things.


I'd heard about the 1000-year-old egg but had never tried it; let's say it was an experience and I learned (a bit too late!) that it's generally eaten in much smaller quantities than the half of it that I popped in my mouth!

I understand you may not want to try such unusual things but I would suggest that, in a place such as Hong Kong, you try to throw yourself in to the culture and cuisine, trying things like the 1000-year egg or turtle jelly for a once in a lifetime experience. Unless of course you love it and want more . . .

There's great street food in Hong Kong too, like the egg waffles I tried, so if you want new experiences and tastes they don't need to be quite as crazy as my choices.
Hong Kong was pretty kind to my budget but you can also spend a lot there. The next country may be a bit more pricey for me . . . Bring on Japan.

Manu's tips for Hong Kong:
• Visit the famous patisserie, Pierre Herme for an indulgent treat of macarons.
• Visit a Chinese medicine shop and let the owner show you some of the amazing products they have - if you are brave try a 1000-year egg! Luckily I found a shop with a very helpful owner who didn't mind answering all my questions, and even letting me taste a few things!
• Try turtle jelly.
• Take a cable car over to Lantau Island for a slice of tradition. The cable car ride has amazing views.

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