I'm lucky that my career now allows me to travel to many countries. When I was younger and had less responsibility I had always wished I travelled more, so I am always grateful to visit new countries. All my travel feels like a big hit. However, a few years ago I was asked to join a charity cruise through France for fellow chef, Matt Golinski. My fiancee Clarissa and I decided to add a little of our own travel, which soon became almost a world tour. We flew from Sydney to LA, visiting Santa Monica and New York on the way. We then hit Europe and travelled through Greece to Rome then Florence and then on to the cruise, which took us from Paris to Monte Carlo. We stopped at amazing little towns.


Travelling with children is a new experience. I don't understand why they aren't allocated luggage, as they always need the most. Every year I return to France to see my parents. They live in a little village and aren't close to any main airports so it feels like I have to use every mode of transport just to get there. I wish there was a quicker route.


Manu Feildel is a judge on MKR, TV2 7.30 Sunday-Wednesday.