He runs one of Instagram's most followed travel accounts, but globetrotting hottie Jeremy Jauncey is still searching for someone special to share it all with.

Jeremy Jauncey runs the Beautiful Destinations feed, sharing aspirational travel shots to his followers - which number more than ten million.

Originally from Perthshire in Scotland, the 31-year-old hunk travels the world for free with his photographer brother.

While he's still single, he doesn't seem to think it will be hard to find love - and we can see why.


, "I don't have a girlfriend at the moment but I probably will soon."

However, he admits his job could make things more complicated, as he moves between his two main offices in London and New York.

"I'm not dating anyone, it might be difficult but I would definitely make it a priority if I met someone," he said.

Mr Jauncey started working in ecommerce after his rugby career was cut short due to an ankle injury. He started Beautiful Destinations in 2012 and has also worked with international travel business - including the iconic Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas - to boost their online profiles.

"The idea is to show the most beautiful parts of the world through the lenses of real people, totally capturing amazing places - but we always credit the people who take the photograph.

"I basically have the best job."

- nzherald.co.nz