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I am trying to put together a trip to Africa starting in Cape Town and ending in Cairo. We are in our 70s but are fit trampers. We would like to go to Botswana, Tanzania or maybe a Kenya/Tanzania combination, hopefully ending in Zanzibar. We have about 8 weeks and a budget of $12,000. How much wildlife viewing is enough? Do we really need to go do another safari in Tanzania?

- Barbara

My contact at House of Travel recommends Kiboko Adventures as a favourite safari company, a great option with comfortable camping for travellers aged 40-plus. There are plenty of Botswana itineraries to choose from and they can also show you Namibia. After Botswana, try East Africa for some different landscapes and wildlife. Visiting the Victoria Falls, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is also a must.

Mix camping with lodge stays, as there can be long travelling days in this region. At a lodge, you can take a day off and enjoy the pool or rest. To finish your trip, Zanzibar is a great way to relax after a fulfilling safari - 3-4 nights minimum is ideal.


I hate paying for parking when I pick up friends from the Auckland domestic terminal. But the parking wardens patrolling the pick-up area are ferocious. What's the best way to get in and out without paying for short-term parking.
- Brian

The Travel Editor - a regular pick-up driver from the domestic terminal - claims to have discovered a secret parking spot near the domestic terminal, the location of which he will take to his grave. Lingering in the drive-through pick-up area seems to work when it's not too busy - try a cheery "gidday, how're you doing?" with the parking wardens. If there aren't too many cars coming through the pick-up area, they're usually pretty chilled.

When it's busy, stay out of there. Driving endless loops is stressful. Download the excellent flightaware app, park the car around the corner by the Dunkin' Donuts on Tom Pearce Dr and do the drive-by 10 minutes after the app tells you they've landed.

Feeling clever? The first 10 minutes of parking in the short-term park is free. Swing the car in there, dash across into the terminal to help your buddy with their luggage and dash back. Get your ticket validated quickly and you've parked for free. Result!

An astute reader pointed out that Auckland Airport have now made it easier to pick people up from international flights. The new "Wait Zone" is located two minutes from the international terminal and has over 50 carparks where you can park free of charge for 30 minutes.

On November 24, 2015, you featured April Ieremia in My Holiday. In answer to the question "What's the dumbest thing you've ever done when travelling?" She responded:

18 Jan, 2016 10:00am
3 minutes to read

"I forgot my passport and couldn't retrieve it because if I did I would miss the occasion I was going to, so they let me fly overseas and back without a passport. It was an incredible 48 hours but totally dumb forgetting my passport."

I'm afraid my response was, 'really?' and waited for someone else to query it, but no-one did. Can you clarify this further please?
- Alyse

Immigration NZ says a person without a passport may have the requirement to produce it in order to travel waived. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Immigration NZ says a person without a passport may have the requirement to produce it in order to travel waived. Photo / Mark Mitchell

According to Immigration NZ, a person who arrives without a current passport or other acceptable travel document may have their requirement to produce a passport waived if an appropriately delegated immigration officer gives permission under regulation 34 of the Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010.

This special direction can only be given after an interview, when the immigration officer is satisfied that there are compelling reasons why the person is travelling without a current passport or other acceptable travel document, they have a genuine reason for visiting New Zealand and there is no other impediment to the grant of a visa and entry permission.

These waivers are most frequently granted to New Zealand citizens who have no passport or where passports are no longer current and who need to return home in emergencies (e.g. a death or serious illness).

In most cases, a lost or stolen passport can be issued in less than 24 hours.

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