In recent weeks, we've asked Herald Travel readers for the best tips for summer breaks. From packing the car to global destinations, here's the best of what you said.

"Best summer break is at Tairua, in the Coromandel. You have the beach and the bush walks nearby."
- Janice Fullam

"I choose, as a best summer spot, Cacha Pregos, on Itaparica Island, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Cacha Pregos is a fantastic, laid-back place and Itaparica Island has plenty to do. They even have their own Club Med. Perfect."
- Lyn Needham

"A towel, a chilly bin and a high tide at Cheltenham beach. That's all I need."
- B Horace

"My top tip for the best summer spot in the world is diving on the Great Barrier - water has never felt better than this."
- Ruth Halkett


"Kai Iwi lakes - Fiji in NZ !"
- Lani Leiataua

"Top Summer Spot - Hop on a bike in Vancouver, pedal around the seawall in Stanley park, then head up False Creek to La Casa Gelato, where they have 218 flavours of ice cream!"
- Kate Heaphy

"My top tip for summer would be spending a day at Otres Beach on the south coast of Cambodia... There are nice bars and restaurants right on the beach where you can plonk your stuff and spend your day migrating between the water, hammocks and comfy reclining seats."
- Megan McCoy

"Best tip for the summer break - visit to get some cheap transport relocating a rental vehicle across the country."
- Dale Eastham

"Tawharanui Regional Park catches the best little swells. It's a great beach and park for the family to explore."
- Anne Owens

"If you're somewhere tropical, boil the water in the motel, let it cool and fill your water bottle that way, Don't drink tap water - there's nothing worse than a tummy bug in stifling heat. Make the most of fans that you can get from the markets. Take straws with you on holiday, buy a couple of coconuts in the markets and you can drink straight from them, then take some home to put in the fridge, they are only $1 each."
- Sara Calman

"Best tip for a summer break: try to do most of your travelling early morning and late afternoon/ evening to beat the summer heat and always have drinks for everybody on board."
- CK Smith

"Top tip: Opoutere Beach - camping grounds are among the trees with the surf beach on one side and the harbour on the other. The YHA hostel is the loveliest in the world - the old schoolhouse with the bush right by and tui and bellbirds singing in the early morning and kiwi and morepork calling in the night. Seafood aplenty using the kayaks to scoot across the harbour to the mussel beds or out to the sandbanks for cockles and pipi."
- Diana Grant-Mackie

"Don't go on holiday the day after you finish work. Take a couple of days to unwind and clear your head. It will give you time to prepare for your holiday and enjoy the anticipation. You'll be refreshed and in prime holiday mood."
- Jean Bennett

"Make sure you put sunscreen on your right arm while driving."
- Greg Bunkall

"My best summer travel trip is for people travelling with kids in a car always have an icecream tub (the Cookie Time Christmas cookie buckets are also ideal) to hand in case of travel sickness - has saved us many times over the years."
- Patrick Coyle

"Tip: I live in Whangarei and we have the best beaches within easy commuting. They are so quiet at Christmas, unlike your Auckland and Matakana beaches. It's the best place to live."
- Tania Dixon

"Best tip is a commonly used one: always pack light."
- Brian Lenehan

"Hi Herald Travel and readers! My ultimate summer spot is a little-known secret called Little Corn Island. This undeveloped paradise is off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. There are no cars ... so when you step off the boat there's nothing to disturb your sunbathing, snorkelling and delicious pina coladas made with the fresh coconuts that grow on the island. After a swim in the warm, blue waters you can choose to bask on the far-reaching white sand or lie under a palm tree on the thick, tropical grass that feels like a soft cushion. In the evening the warm breeze is almost as inviting as the summer sun ... and it's lovely to stroll around trying some of the delectable-smelling local food that cooks over glowing hot coals each night, and get to know some of the locals at the same time. I can't wait to return and experience the laid-back Caribbean vibe once more."
- Claire van Beek

"Best tip: take earplugs if you are staying at other people's houses as you don't know if they snore, have roosters, etc."
- Kareena Lundy

"Most definitely in our own backyard. Waimarama, Hawkes Bay is a real laid-back, beach bach haven and comes to life in Summer. Safe ocean for the young ones to swim in too." - Kate Grindrod

"Travel tip: Matapouri Bay on the Tutukaka coast is one of the best summer getaway spots. Beautiful and serene and not overly crowded. Beautiful long white beaches among the hills and provides a great place for bush walks and kayaking."
- Samantha Cooney

"My top tip is to find a place that has shade nearby, so you can choose whether you want to be in the sun or shade without moving too much."
- Saachi Shahri

"My top summer destination is Kaiteriteri, New Zealand. It's a beautiful beach, and is in a great location. There are also smaller beaches in the area such as Breaker Bay and Little Kaiteriteri that are quieter than the main beaches, which some people prefer."
- Marleen Steidinger

"Garden cove, Waiheke Island is the perfect private little bay. Access by boat and great for snorkelling and fishing! No need to look outside NZ - we have the best summer locations!"
- Kim McCarty

"Calla Bassa - Ibiza, Spain. All you need is togs, sunglasses and musical ears."
- Shay Taylor

"Travel tip: pack the car in the evening before you depart, so when get up really early you can leave straightaway and so avoid the usual holiday congestion on the roads."
- Dean Butchers

"I always get my nails professionally done before going away. It's a cheap treat to set you off for a glamorous look wherever you go."
- Lisa Latham

"Summer tip: one that can never be said enough - fake it, don't bake it!"
- Tess Farley

"Best tip for summer break - make sure there is a cool beer at hand (from 4pm onward, of course) and a spectacular view."
- Teresa Kingsford

"Freeze your water bottle before a long car trip. It will melt slowly during the trip so you have nice, cold water to drink."
- Chante Mueller