Last week, I wrote about Scoot airline's plans for kid-free seating.

Their scheme allows passengers to pay an extra $17.95 to fly "in peace and quiet" with an upgrade to the ScootinSilence cabin, where they can enjoy "exclusivity and privacy ... as under-12s will be some place else".

In plain-speaking terms it simply means: no pre-teens are allowed to sit in the first seven rows of economy class.

Etihad are going the other way with the launch of the Flying Nanny service on all long-haul flights. It sounds like relief for the many parents who fly longhaul with junior - or, worse, junior plus siblings - in tow.


Selected cabin crew have had additional training in looking after screaming brats - sorry, I mean providing childcare assistance. Etihad say the crew members will help you at the gate, help you sort out the bassinet and - YES! - "Keep children entertained while you're enjoying a nap, in-flight meal or entertainment."

I doubt that actually means you can hand over the kids and hit the red wine and sleeping pills, but even an hour or two would be sweet relief for most parents.

A source at another prestige carrier was unimpressed: "Our crew already do all that!"